Conan Exiles – Where To Find Resources

This is going to be a brief explanation on where to find different resources inside the game. These are based on my personal opinion and will be updated as needed.


Resource Location/How
Wood Trees
Stone Any rock node
Iron Silver rock nodes, killing NPCs (north west town)
Ichor Killing and harvesting spiders or scorpions
Silk/Gossamer Killing and harvesting spiders – you need to combine the Gossamer to silk.
Bark Pickaxe on trees (use stone – easier to maintain) or NPC killing. Can gain 200-300 per town trip (north west town)
Branches Found on the ground or chopping trees
Bark Pickaxe on trees (use stone – easier to maintain) or NPC killing. Can gain 200-300 per town trip
Hide Killing any small – medium animal
Thick Hide Pickaxe on trees (use stone – easier to maintain) or NPC killing. Can gain 200-300 per town trip
Bones/Meat Harvesting any animal
Plant Fibre Spamming interact on bushes, also harvesting the small trees inside of the North West NPC town (as it’s light I usually stock pile while farming exp/wood).
Brimstone Mining the top left of the map, inside caves or killing NPCs in the North West town (other methods such as killing dragons are much slower)
Crystal Killing NPCs in the North West town or find in caves
Coal Mining the black rocks (north west near the NPC town)
Aloe Leaves Gathered from Aloe plants, look like a large flower.
Demon Blood Killing dragons

Conan Exiles – Crafting Recipes


Crafting Stations Components
Campfire  50 branches
Furnace 540 stone
Blacksmith’s Bench 50 brick, 100 iron bars
Carpenter’s bench 400 wood, 150 stone
Tannery 240 stone, 160 wood, 50 bark, 25 twine
Firebowl Cauldron 50 iron reinforcement, 25 twine
Armorer’s bench 240 stone, 160 wood, 50 hides

Furnace Outputs

Please note for the furnace to operate you require an accelerant (wood/branches/coal)

Furnace Components
Iron bar coal, 2 ironstone
Brick coal, 2 stone
Steel coal, steel fire, 5 iron bars
Hardened brick coal, brick, stone consolidate

Iron Tier Blacksmithing Items

Blacksmith’s Bench Tier II Components
Iron Reinforcement 2 iron
Iron Pick/Iron Axe 5 branches, 20 iron bars, 5 leather
Iron Warhammer 8 branches, 30 iron bars
Iron Broadsword 5 branches, 20 iron bars
iron Poniard 5 branches, 20 iron bars, 10 leather
Iron Pike 8 branches, 30 iron bars
Stygian Khopesh 5 branches, 20 iron bars
Falcata 5 branches, 20 iron bars
Throwing Axe 5 branches, 10 iron bars
Cutlass 5 brances, 20 iron bars
Stygian Spear 30 iron bars, 15 twine

Steel Tier Blacksmithing Items

Blacksmith’s Bench Tier III Components
Steel Reinforcement 2 steel bars
Steel hatchet 5 branches, 20 steel bars, 10 leather
Steel Pickaxe 5 branches, 20 steel bars, 10 leather
Longsword 5 branches, 20 steel bars
Ancient Khopesh 5 branches, 20 steel bars
Cimmerian Battle-axe 5 branches, 20 steel bars
Steel Poniard 5 branches, 20 steel bars, 10 thick leather
Pick Axe 5 branches, 20 steel bars, 10 leather
Steel Trident 8 branches, 30 steel bars, 15 twine

Tannery Items

Tannery Components
Leather bark, 3 hides
Thick leather bark, 1 thick hide

Carpenter’s Bench Items

Carpenter’s bench Components
Shaped wood 10 wood
Crossbow 7 branches, 26 iron bars, 13 silk
Hyrkanian Bow 7 branches, 13 thick leather, 13 silk
Ironhead Bolts/Arrows 10 branches, 10 iron bars
Razor Bolts/Arrows 10 branches, 10 steel bars
Fire Bolts/Arrows 10 branches, 10 steel bars, 10 brimstone


Firebowl or Cauldron Materials
Aloe Extract 2 aloe leaves
Yellow Lotus Potion 1 yellow lotus blossom
Steel Fire 2 tar, 1 brimstone
Stone consolidant 5 twine, 2 ichor

Light Armour

Light Armour Components
Light Chestpiece 10 twine, 25 hides
Light Wrap 8 twine, 20 hides
Light Boots 5 twine, 13 hides
Light gauntlets 5 twine, 13 hides
Light Turban 5 twine, 13 hides

Medium Armour

Medium Armour Components
Iron Targe 16 wood, 16 iron bars
Medium Harness 25 leather, 30 iron bars
Medium Tasset 20 leather, 24 iron bars
Medium Boots 13 leather, 15 iron bars
Medium gauntlets 13 leather, 15 iron bars
Medium Cap 13 leather, 15 iron bars

Heavy Armour

Heavy Armour Components
Steel Heater Shield 16 wood, 16 steel bars
Heavy Pauldron 45 Thick leather, 30 steel bars
Heavy Tasset 36 Thick leather, 24 steel bars
Heavy Sabatons 23 Thick leather, 15 steel bars
Heavy Gauntlets 23 Thick leather, 15 steel bars
Heavy Helmet 23 Thick leather, 15 steel bars
Ancient shield 16 wood, 16 iron

Will be updating this ongoing to include any changes/items I have missed.

Conan Exiles – Levelling Guide

If you’re reading this, you’re probably in a rush to find out the best ways to level in Conan Exiles, let’s not dawdle and get into it. Please note this is PvP, not PvE based information. Never have and never will play PvE on an online survival game.

Starting Out:

You have 3 main choices, all involve grinding mobs. There’s no right or wrong way but each way has their benefits.

NPC Town – North West:

These mobs give roughly 900 exp each, and are relatively easy experience. You can usually cleave down 3-6 mobs at a time and take minimal damage. The only problem are the snakes and archers, kill snakes 1 on 1 and you’re fine, just make sure you don’t agro one when cleaving mobs. Archers you can deal with, just stand behind melee mobs you’re attacking.

  • Easy experience
  • Water is inside the town
  • You gain a lot of iron ore when grinding
  • Cleavable mobs means you can get massive amounts of exp per hour
  • Self sustain with the resources you get while fighting
  • Can do it solo quite easily
  • Can build a small base out the front of the town – easily smelt and repair weapons and armour
  • Large supply of wildlife out the gates, collecting leather while waiting for respawns can help upgrade armour
  • Level 3 thralls spawn here
  • Can quite easily farm with only a weapon
  • Can be a contested area
  • If you aggro snakes while fighting you usually need to run

Waterfall Spider Cave:

Similar to above, you can build a small base to self-sustain your grind out the front which is recommended. For this method though you will require a dancer to remove corruption.

  • Spiders give 2k+ exp per one
  • You gain Gossamer (believe that’s the spelling) used to make silk
  • You gain Ichor which is used in high level building
  • Large supply of wildlife nearby, including resource nodes for repairing
  • Hard for a solo player
  • Spider boss in middle can be fun/a nightmare to vs
  • You don’t get self-sustaining materials while fighting, you will occasionally need to farm iron/steel to sustain
  • This can be quite challenging solo – expect to die
  • Corruption will over-time take up to 50% of your stamina and health pool
  • You will need to gain the antidote provided by a religion to make life easier (recommended – not required)
  • You will require the best armour/weapon you can make

Killing Wildlife:

This ones my personal favourite, mainly because it can be used to advance crafting/building a lot faster when you reach those levels than the other methods.

  • Killing wildlife gives extreme amounts of hide, converting this on a tanner provides tar which is a highly sought after resource
  • Most animals give 1k+ exp, some 2k+
  • Usually never contested
  • Provides lots of food to sustain
  • Can build a levelling base anywhere there’s animals – unlimited choices (try build one near some ore/camps)
  • Getting lots of thick hide will help set you up for steel tools armour
  • Can complete solo quite easily
  • Can be slightly slower than the other methods pending respawn times

Final Comments

  • The fastest levelling exp solo (for me) is the NPC town – only when it isn’t heavily contested.
  • Fastest farming in a group is the caves (I prefer spiders but undead also work)
  • If you’re farming to get to steel ASAP to PvP, I would recommend a combination of wildlife/npc camps. This will mean when you hit the levels you require you don’t need to spend X more hours farming.
  • Your levelling base will probably not be used when you’re a high enough level – don’t waste time base building. When you reach steel tools you’ll build a base in 1/3 of the time. Just make what you need and grind it out.
  • If you’re near a town/camp, tame thralls. They’re passive tames after you’ve captured one and require no upkeep. Simply capture and let them tame. Smelting/tanners are good for levelling if you require sustaining materials.
  • Always have 1-2 spare armour sets in your base, the amount of times i’ve been ganked and died, to simply return and retrieve my goods from the player is high. Plus you’ll be less salty losing gear.
  • Stay online as much as possible – you get exp AFK’ing in your base.

Somethin’ About Me

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